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At Paragon Micro, our approach to data center and network infrastructure is to thoughtfully and seamlessly deploy the cutting-edge technologies that support your data storage, processing, and network connectivity needs.

Our approach yields well-designed and optimized capabilities that enhance your performance, scalability, security and operational efficiency.

Data Center & Network Infrastructure

Working closely with you, we deliver vendor-agnostic infrastructure assessments designed to address business needs.

Once we have determined how to best optimize your on-premises infrastructure, we implement solutions that are cost-efficient and meet you wherever you are on your hybrid IT or cloud journey.

We also leverage our strong services capabilities and strategic partnerships, and delivering management solutions to ensure your infrastructure is running smoothly.

Why Paragon Micro


  • No matter what technology you choose to deploy, we will completely customize the solution to fit all of your requirements.
  • Paragon Micro is also ISO-certified, meaning we have been audited by an independent third party that has certified that our business conforms to the requirements of the latest quality process standards set by the International Standards Organization. This applies to our management systems, manufacturing process, and documentation, and helps ensure we have repeatable success.
  • For your data center and networking needs, ISO certification helps ensure that all of our partners meet certain quality requirements. These are related to the safety of components, delivery times for equipment, and the security of shipments.
  • While we are vendor-agnostic, we embrace continued education & training and strive for the highest levels of partnership certification. For example, we are a Dell Technologies Titanium Tier Partner, meaning we have achieved the highest level of partnership for Dell Technologies.

We Partner with Trusted Global Leaders.

Our Solution Architects hold high certifications from technology partners that complement our strengths - from high-level strategy to learning and development at all levels - and extend our geographic reach, allowing us to respond rapidly to client needs of any scale, complexity, or location.

We keep leveraging best-of-breed technology, Easy.

Direct Access to Data Center & Network Infrastructure Experts

Data Center & Network Infrastructure

Our solutions help you transform your technology toward the organization's strategic directions.

We take a holistic approach to data center & network infrastructure service delivery tailored to your specific needs.


Raising awareness of architecture options through solution workshops

Phase 2: DESIGN

Design best of breed, multi-vendor solutions that meet your business needs

Phase 5: IMPROVE

Regular, consistent evaluation of infrastructure performance to ensure it meets business needs

Phase 3: EXECUTE

Infrastructure implementation services, and ensuring partners’ processes are validated


Customized training to ensure your staff can take full advantage of infrastructure

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